Sven Jungbeck invites

new release 1st of April

Paulus Schäfer

 3rd of July 2021

Markus Callejon

our great Soundengineer

Wawau Adler

9th of July 2021

Joscho Stefan & Thimo Niesterok

 17th of August 2021

Ear trumpet

Olli Soikkeli

23rd of September 2021

1.Intro: Duved's Guitar – Sven

2.Anniversary Song | Sven, Fredi, Christoph

3.Stomping at the savoy | Olli , Sven, Volker

4.Swing Gitane | Joscho, Thimo, Sven, Dario

5.If I had you | Paulus, Sven, Stefan

6.Them there eyes | Jimmy, Sven, Volker

7.Tears | Joscho, Thimo, Sven, Dario

8.No moon at all | Clara, Olli, Sven,Volker

9.There will never be another you | Fredi, Sven, Volker

10.Paquito | Robin, Sven, Volker

11.China Boy | Paulus, Matthias, Sven, Stefan

12.Basch Dute | Taylor, Sven, Christoph

13.I'll see you in my dreams | Wawau, Thimo, Sven, Volker

14.Poinciana | Sven, Joscho

15.La belle vie | Robin, Sandro, Sven, Volker

16.Claire de Lune | Wawau, Sven, Volker

17.Salla | Jimmy, Sven, Volker